Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a energy healing modality that releases trapped emotions from the body.

Many of us are carrying around trapped emotions or 'emotional baggage' from our past without even knowing it.

Trapped emotions can be contributing to:

• Pain

• Illness

• Disease

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Allergies

• Digestive Issues

• Hormone Imbalance

• Fatigue

• Blocks in relationships, career, or finances

• Trouble Sleeping

Thankfully there is a gentle and effective way to release trapped emotions. The Emotion Code works with your subconscious mind to find the emotions you're holding onto and easily release them using intention, breath, and magnetic energy.


When you release trapped emotions  you feel lighter, enjoy life more, and become less reactive.

Discovery Session

If you're new to the Emotion Code I am offering a free Emotion Code discovery session to learn more about how it works and to release 2 trapped emotions. 

Heart Wall

Just like we can have trapped emotions in the body we can have trapped emotions around our heart. A 'heart wall' does a good job at temporarily protecting us from getting hurt but it also blocks us from love, joy, & healthy relationships. 

If you've ever experienced heartbreak, loss, bullying, or grief you most likely have a heart wall (about 93% of people do) Some other signs you have a heart wall are: 

• feeling emotionally numb to positive feelings 

• disconnected and isolated from others 

• blocked in relationships

• not feeling like you belong 

• feeling guarded and afraid to let people in

When you release your heart wall you live life to the fullest and feel more love, joy, and connection. You attract the right kind of relationships and can easily let people in. 

It usually takes 4-6 sessions to completely remove a heart wall. If you'd like to try a heart wall session please enter it into the notes when booking.  


15 min. Discovery Session (learn more + release 2 emotions)                                   $0  

* New Clients only*                                      

45 min. Session                                                                                                                   $80

Package of 3 (15% off)                                                                                                        $202

Package of 6 (25% off)                                                                                                        $360

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